Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe’s Portrait: The Creation of a Cultural Icon

Marilyn Monroe NFT Collection

The $200 Million Record-Breaking Portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Warhol

Breaking news according to Christie’s, the silkscreen artwork named “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” is likely to sell for approximately $200 million (Β£151 million) at an auction later in the spring.

Well known Andy Warhol created three Marilyn Monroe silk screening collections in 1967, some few years following the actress’s death. The silkscreen features a promotional shot from the actress’s film “Niagara,” which measures 3 feet square. As a pop superstar, the Warhol remodeled the actress into a blonde Marilyn Monroe with sage blue eyeshadow that matched the color of the background.

What is even more incredible, in 1964 a gun-toting guest brake in to Marilyn’s studio and blasted a shot into a pile of paintings. This fact prompted the Warhol to create a trademark series of Marilyn Monroe – “Shot Marilyn” portraits, which became famous.

An eponymous charity founded by the renowned Swiss gallerist Doris Ammann sells this “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” version. Now it is available for purchase.

As reported, Ammann passed away in 1993. And Doris, his sister, was the gallery’s manager until she passed away last year. What’s more, the Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation, named in their honor, was recently founded in their memory.

Smashing Warhol’s Prevailing RecordΒ 

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Christie’s is committed to staying ahead of trends in order to provide a seamless experience for all of its customers.

They have been connecting people to art for over 250 years. Christie’s has made it their mission to launch the world with access to NFT art as well.

If the work “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” sells for the due amount, it will smash Warhol’s current auction record of $105.4 million (Β£80 million) for Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster).

The most pricey painting sold at auction in the twentieth century is Picasso’s Les femmes d’Alger (Version’ O’). It cost $179 million (Β£135 million) in May 2015 at Christie’s New York.Β