Top 10 NFT Discord Servers You Should Explore

NFT Discord Servers

The emergence of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the last day has made them an attractive trading vehicle in the world of cryptocurrency.  If you’ve been thinking of jumping into this cutting-edge sphere of online activity and trading, you’ll need to become familiar with all the ins and outs of the NFT world.  Excellent sources of information for this world are to be found on NFT Discord Servers.  They have all the information you’ll need when you want to get into this exciting marketplace. Let’s examine some of the best and most popular NFT discord servers, but first, how about an overview of exactly what non-fungible tokens are, and how they are being utilized.

What Exactly Are NFTs 

NFT Discord Servers

An NFT is a digital asset.  They’re traded via the net, in the digital cash format known as cryptocurrency. Encrypted, or secured, by a random set of numbers which makes the NFT both protected and unique.  They offer a flexible way for their creators, owners, and users to control the digital product, store it, and at the same time protect their identity.  The creators also have the ability to receive royalty pay-outs from their NFT products, as well as a cut of future sales.  These days, the use of NFTs has grown and expanded; any kind of digital content can be stored and traded this way, including:

  • Art
  • Video clips
  • GIFs
  • Music

Even memes and tweets are being turned into NFTs, to preserve their uniqueness and collectibility.  

Let’s take a look at the popular NFT Discord Servers you might want to get acquainted with so that you can jump into the world of NFT with both feet.

Some of the Best NFT Discord Servers

 NFT Discord Servers

NFT News Pro

This nicely laid out site provides a comprehensive resource for just about all things NFT.  Their sections include a homepage, along with areas for news, tutorials, a list of trending NFT product, and upcoming NFT projects.  It all seems well organized and well kept up.

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas specialize in caffeine-inspired NFTs.  Through the proceeds of these NFTs, their aim is to support coffee-growing communities, specifically in poorer communities.

Web3 Tribe

The aim of the Web3 initiative is to create a new iteration of the web, with blockchain as its central focus.  They embrace concepts including token-based economics and decentralization.  Web3 Tribe is an NFT discord server that is targeted toward Web3 enthusiasts and builders.

Enter Art

Enter Art considers itself an ecosystem in the world of blockchain.  They support a variety of marketplaces and creative tools for their users, that allows for developing the metaverse, safely and seamlessly. It’s an NFT discord server worth considering, for the integrity they’ve espoused at their foundation.


With its own Centralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Decentraland offers a virtual world with the goal of providing a pleasant space for its users.  The focus here is the market for virtual in-game assets.  These include such assets as land, wearables for characters users produce/own, and more.  If you’re into the world of NFT gaming, this is a site to join and participate in.


This NFT discord server invites digital creators and artists to issue/sell their crypto assets, while representing their ownership of the digital work.  They take a two-edged approach: 1) Being a marketplace for those assets, and 2) Being a network, Ethereum-built, that enables creators/users/traders to do their thing without a middleman.


CryptoDads currently boasts 10,000 unique art pieces, randomly generated, but carefully chosen by the dads themselves.  Their mission is to help dads build a secondary income on the stock market and crypto markets. The server’s aim is to provide a diverse, supportive community of dads, but with the inclusiveness to provide value to everyone.


Purported to be among the most popular 2021 NFT discords, MekaVerse boasts a community of 230,000+ members.  Inspired by the Mecha universes of Japan, they included a collection of almost 9,000 – 8,888 to be exact – generative Mekas.  Their server has over 150,000 users.  They welcome everyone’s participation, whether trading or not.  Their ambition is to build an even greater community than they have now.


This NFT project is entirely open-source – the programming and the art included. Nouns NFTs are avatars, 32 x 32 pixels in size.  They are based on – just like nouns – people, places and things.  They generate one noun per day.  To date, you will find an airplane noun, a horse noun, etc.  Being totally open source, anyone can build on Nouns, or its codebase.


With over 160,000 members, VeeFriends discord server is an active one indeed.  This is one massive community that is welcoming and not shy to share information.  Their goal is to give both a kind and positive point of view to NFT enthusiasts.  They even have a channel named scam-alert, geared toward newcomers, to help them avoid losing their NFTs and falling prey to predators out there.

Concluding Thoughts on NFT Discord Servers

Explore NFT Discord Servers

Top 10 NFT Discord Servers You Should Explore

There is a plethora of NFT Discord Servers in the universe of crypto.  In fact, the ten we’ve listed barely scratch the surface, but it’s apparent how diverse the range of platforms and sources for information is.  There’s a niche for everything NFT-related imaginable.  It’s definitely a great way to get up to speed for anyone considering dipping their toe into the waters of non-fungible tokens, and crypto in general.  

An important theme throughout is that most if not all these resources are cognizant of the potential for scamming in this space.  They go out of their way to provide resources and guidance in this regard, particularly to newcomers.  Of course, it’s also in their best interest to project an air of being 100% above board – but it’s also good to know they have your back.